Hi. My name's Carli & I like old stuff.

This biz started when a desire to make leather handbags re-bubbled to the surface after studying apparel design.  Naive me didn't know where the heck to source leather so I hit up the last place I remembered seeing it: the jacket section of a thrift store.

Since then, I've spent a ton of time scouring grungy secondhand shops to collect a rainbow of vintage leather garments & recently, giving fake names + stories to the previous owners who owned them.

Now I'm seeking out more than just the jacket section to bring you the coolest, weirdest, quirkiest vintage stuff, telling the (still untrue) stories of their past & passing it along to you.

Favorite food = anything covered in sprinkles.

My dog has his own hashtag: #Ripleywiththewhitechin

I got grossed out by my own consumption habits & switched to shopping & sourcing as much secondhand as I can.

I seriously embrace the title of  "Secondhand Middleman" & have another biz upcycling dilapidated kiddie pools, old leather garments & more.  See it all here.